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'Your Burning Ambition In Life Should Not Be To Be Manager At An MNC' - Kenneth Serrao, IIM A, VC

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In this video, Kenneth Serrao, Venture Capitalist, Founder & CIO at Alpha Capital Advisors Private Limited, talks about his career journey from IIM A to Kotak to TAG Heuer to Edelweiss to finally starting up on his own.

If you’re wondering what it takes to maintain a career in finance and how one makes important career decisions, this video is a must watch for you. In this video, Kenneth takes you through his career journey. He shares how and why he left an international career to come and settle down in India. He talks about the flipside of working at MNCs and why it’s tough to work in an Indian company.

Kenneth shares the story of his work with Kotak, and how he was a part of the team when Kotak just launched in India. He talks about getting a job through ‘sifarish.’ He shares how he moved out of TAG Heuer after a short stint as he did not enjoy the work. He talks about being with Edelweiss when it started.

Finally, Ken discusses an interesting topic- politics in India. He likens elections to stock markets and shares how the markets are always an exciting world to be in. He talks about how the junta needs to demand the right things from politicians instead of blaming them.

If you’re wondering how an entrepreneur thinks and acts, this video is a treat for you.

Key Takeaways
Most people don’t choose jobs based on job descriptions, but recommendations.
People skills will play an important part in your life no matter what career you’ll be in.
People will always typecast who according to their understanding. It’s much better to select a career that you like, and that is not a decision made according to others’ judgements or expectations.

Watch Part 1 of Kenneth's talk here - http://bit.ly/2KVqZwv
and Part 3 of Kenneth's talk here - http://bit.ly/2Xnth9x

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