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Wildlife Photography | Diinesh Kumble Interview | In Frame With Gorky M | S01 E04

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Wildlife photography is the photography of nature and its components - especially it’s wildlife. In this episode, photographer and Filmmaker Gorky M chats with award-winning photographer, publisher, Sony Alpha community mentor and speaker, Diinesh Kumble. Diinesh Kumble is one of the biggest names in wildlife photography in India. We managed to catch up with him at the PepX Photocon 2018, and today, we are sharing that conversation! You’re about to discover many pieces of advice and insights into the photography of wildlife and wild animals, colloquially termed, ‘animal photography’ in India.

Diinesh is also a photography teacher, speaking on his craft in venues around the world and even finds the time to mentor students and amateur photographers on wildlife photography tours.

In the video, Dinesh tells us how he got into photography during college, how his business brought him closer to his passion for wildlife and nature, and the various hurdles he faced upon publishing his first wildlife photography book, Dream Safari – “A Pictorial Journey through Africa’s Cradle of Life”.

Dinesh has won several awards for his work and has published 4 coffee-table books on wildlife photography, 3 of which have been commissioned by the government of Gujarat, and launched by current prime minister Narendra Modi.

Dinesh has photographed and authored 4 books,

Gujarat’s Vibrant Wildlife
Kutch, A Pictorial Journey
Rural Footprints – Empowering Women, Enriching Lives
Dream Safari – A Pictorial Journey through Africa’s Cradle of Life

These books are available at www.kumbled.com

Diinesh was also instrumental in designing and of popular wildlife board game “Kaadoo”, which brings the thrill of the forest safari into your living room.

Diinesh goes on to share how one can become a better wildlife photographer, the differences between wildlife photography and safari photography, the drawbacks of wildlife tourism and how wildlife photographers can bring change and help preserve our endangered species.

For photography geeks and enthusiasts - Diinesh also shares which camera for wildlife photography (he uses), his preferable lenses for wildlife photography and the various accessories and wildlife photography equipment he works with.

Follow Diinesh Kumble
Instagram: @kumbleD
Facebook: facebook.com/kumbleD

In Frame with Gorky M is a half-hour photography show, where filmmaker and photographer Gorky M interviews some of the biggest names and influencers in photography.

Episode 1 features ace wedding photographer Joseph Radhik, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22gqfE43j2k&t=719s

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For more photography videos, photography tutorials, beginner photography lessons, camera reviews, and photographer interviews - subscribe to GMax Studios. GMax Studios is the biggest photography and filmmaking channel in South East Asia.

We also have an exclusive Hindi Photography channel where you can learn photography in Hindi.

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