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Tobias Rauscher - Clarity (ORIGINAL)

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Clarity is is a fingerstyle tune that is written in a pretty unusual tuning and with a partial capo (spider capo). I got the idea for the fingerpicked intro riff while jamming around in the tuning and guitar setup of my tune "Hutton Drive". This is what I love about open tunings - who get inspired so easily and come up with new ideas.

The whole songs build up to a climax, which is a strumming part, just before the energy is resolved again and I start with the fingerstyle picking again.

The video production quality of this video has been achieved thanks to Jan Gessler (www.look-zoom.de) and the YouTube space crew in Berlin.

The audio production has been done by Sebastian Voelkers (recording & mixing) and Antoine Dufour (Mastering).



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Besides that you will get awesome masterclasses by guest instructors like Alexandr Misko, Maneli Jamal, Calum Graham and learn how to play my sonst step-by-step.

Just check it out by visiting: http://www.tobiasguitar.com



Tuning: D Bb D G B F
Capo: Partial capo. fret 3 on strings 2, 3, 4
Guitar: Ibanez AE900 (thermo aged)
Strings: Elixir Phosphor Bronze .012 - .053
Pickup: K&K Trinity Mini and DiMarzio Black Angel

Filmed by: Jan Gessler - www.look-zoom.de
Location: YouTube Space Berlin
Recorded & Mixed: Sebastian Voelkers
Mastered: Antoine Dufour

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