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Simple Past Tense #7 English Learning Course

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The video is a part of our series - English grammar lessons in Hindi. In this video English grammar lesson, we are going to learn Simple Past tense. Simple Past tense has another name – Past Indefinite Tense. This is an easy grammar lesson with examples. The video is a finely described English grammar tutorial and has many formulas to learn English tenses. It also provides you with basic English vocabulary and uses of Simple Past tense. This video will be very helpful to improve your knowledge of English grammar and tenses. The video explains the tense in Hindi. This lesson is very useful to learn basic English or English for beginners. Basic English speaking will be only a fun after you go through our English language learning course.

This lesson will give you:
The formula to form Simple Past tense.
The formulas to form affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences.
The uses of Did.
The uses of Simple Past tense. #Knowledgology

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