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Pros & Cons Of Using A Wooden Humidor: Why Store Cigars In A Wooden Humidor?

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Paul Anthony and Boveda's Rob Gagner go head-to-head on the pros and cons of using a wooden humidor! Watch our guide to learn about this classic cigar storage solution.


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Pros & Cons Of Using A Wooden Humidor: Why Store Cigars In A Wooden Humidor?

With a collection of over 1000 sticks, Paul has transferred his collection to 82-quart airtight containers. However, Rob feels wooden humidors are very much worth the effort.

Firstly, he notes that the wood affects the overall experience of the cigar. The hundred-count humidors he keeps on his desk, for example, impart an enjoyable cedar note to the cigars.

On the other hand, airtight storage like Paul's is the best for bulk storage. This is because the great consistency and reliability of humidification in such a solution. Therefore, for bulk storage, Paul and Rob prefer the precision and ease of large airtight containers over cabinets.

Compared to airtight containers, wood humidors are a living, breathing thing. You have to control the humidity and moisture of not only the cigars, but the container itself.

For example, during the more humid summer, Rob lowers the humidification of his wood humidors a few percentage points. Meanwhile, during the winter months, he raises it again.

Hence, for long-term, Rob uses airtight containers but, as he prepares cigars to smoke, he keeps them in wood humidors. He notes that, with wooden humidors, you get what you pay for. Therefore, a high-end humidor is a great conversation piece.

Pros of a wooden humidor:

1. It's a conversation piece.

2. It imparts a particular smell and flavor profile to your cigars.

3. The pleasant aromas when opening your wooden humidor.

Cons of wood humidors:

1. More expensive than airtight solutions.

2. More difficult to prepare and maintain, including seasoning and adapting relative humidity for different times of year.

Of course, like Paul and Rob, most cigar aficionados keep their inventory in a combination of different options.

Ultimately, it comes down to planning and budget, including how much time you want to put into caring for your cigar collection. If you're just getting into cigars, there will always be a solution to suit your needs.

On that note, support your local tobacconist. Online is great, but a proper tobacco shop is a great place where you can befriend people with plenty of cigar knowledge! A valuable part of cigars is the brother-and-sisterhood of smoking.

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Pros & Cons Of Using A Wooden Humidor: Why Store Cigars In A Wooden Humidor?

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