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proof that true friends exist (IAGT & dates with Nades & Janina)

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I know the narrative of this vlog may be a little foggy but honestly, that's why I kinda enjoy it. Life doesn't always have to have a straight forward storyline. The real meaning can be stuck in the cracks or hiding in the candid moments, which is perfectly true for this video. I hope that by watching these snippets of my October, you're able to see that there's no need to overthink moments. When they happen, they happen and they don't have to make sense. I had an extraordinarily great time at IAGT and spending time with my bestest friends (if it isn't obvious) so go check it out!

OUR FOOD REVIEW (@ Nadine's): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv5ocqfpVTs&t=8s

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