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Pimsleur Hindi Level 2 Lessons 16-20 MP3: Learn to Speak and Understand Hindi with Pimsleur

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You can listen to the full audiobook Pimsleur Hindi Level 2 Lessons 16-20 MP3: Learn to Speak and Understand Hindi with Pimsleur for free at audibay.com

Format: Unabridged
Written by: Pimsleur
Narrated by: Pimsleur
Publisher: Pimsleur Language Programs
Release date: 6/21/2016
Duration: 2 hrs 33 mins
Genres: Language Instruction

The Pimsleur Method: the easiest, fastest way to learn a new language.
Completely portable, easily and lots of fun. You'll be speaking and understanding in no time flat!

This course includes Lessons 16-20 from the Hindi Level 2 program featuring 2.5 hours of language instruction. Each lesson provides 30 minutes of spoken language practice, with an introductory conversation, and new vocabulary and structures. Detailed instructions enable you to understand and participate in the conversation. Practice for vocabulary introduced in previous lessons is included in each lesson. The emphasis is on pronunciation and comprehension, and on learning to speak Hindi.

The Hindi Language
Hindi, an official language of India as well as the primary language of the Bollywood film industry, is spoken by more than 500 million people. Pimsleur's Hindi teaches Standard Hindi as spoken in New Delhi.

Tech Talk
Lessons can be using the Pimsleur Course Manager App for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, and Mac or Windows computers, or
Lessons can be as a zip file for use in iTunes or Windows Media Player.
All purchased courses are backed up in your Pimsleur.com cloud-based digital library account.
Lessons can be played on your iPod or any MP3 player.
The Pimsleur Course Manager App can be installed on several devices for personal use only.
Lessons are non-DRM (Digital Rights Management) MP3 files and can be copied onto a CD or DVD for playing in a CD/DVD player.

Contact: info19782@gmail.com

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