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Pickup Leftovers #13 Huge Toy Haul, RARE NES Game & a 100$ Bootleg Toy!

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Lotsa pickups aw yeah!

Check out my other vids:
GAME/TOY HUNTING: https://youtu.be/8zEiVQSxmKs
Monthly PICKUPS: https://youtu.be/fKh8Cslkzuk
ROOM TOUR: https://youtu.be/OO1mbthy7I8

My name is Ed and I play guitar and collect retro games and vintage toys! My favorite toyline is the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line and I also love to collect for Nintendo, Sega, ...
You can follow my Live Retro Video Game Hunting in my series called Ed's Retro Geek Out where I hunt at Fleamarkets, Garagesales, Conventions and online! I also do cool Game Room Tours in Behind The Collector and show you all the stuff I bought for my collection off camera in Pickup Leftovers of the month. As you can guess a monthly pick ups show! I also kinda review all the games I get but there are better youtube channels for that tough! haha

Music, filming & Editing by ED

Instagram: @likeasnake_ed
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edsretrogeekout/
Twitter: @edsretrogeekout
Contact: edsretrogeekout@gmail.com

I'm a fan of: Pat the NES Punk The Game Chasers Gamedave See Jay Are Gaming historian Retro Liberty Fleamarket Madness AVGN Cinemassacre Toy Galaxy Grecofabulous Pixel Dan beatemups the toy time machine nescommando SNESDrunk metaljesusrocks scottsquatch reedeema Superhero game squad nespursuit the toys that made us Toy Hunter, game bois, naztalgic, notanotherretrochannel ...

#motivationalspeaker #retrogames #spokenword

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