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On1 Photo RAW - Is Filter Order Important?

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Recently someone asked is filter order important in On1 Photo RAW? My immediate answer was yes. Now that I’ve had time to experiment, I have some surprising results to share.

In this video, we look at changing the order of the Effects filters in On1 Photo RAW 2019. I want to see just how important the order of the individual filters is to the finished result and how much this affects the image quality.

The video looks at several different sets of Effects filters on On1 Photo RAW, that you might expect to affect each other. These are:

- Tone Enhancer and Color Enhancer
- Tone Enhancer and Glow
- Dynamic Contrast and Glow
- Tone Enhancer and Sharpening
- The position of the Vignette effect

The results are quite enlightening and may make your photo editing life much easier when using On1 Photo RAW.

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