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Live Vocal Coach Reaction + Analysis - Sarah & Jason Dy - Beauty & The Beast

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Make your singing dreams come true, no scales or weird exercises.
Allow me the pleasure of mentoring you with a 100% unique song based method, note by note, using Amazing Slow Downer, and my ear.
A few dozen hours of lessons with me, and you will be a great singer.
There are no shortcuts - it is challenging, but extremely rewarding.

Lessons are online only, through video chat, and recorded and sent to you after the lesson. You can use a PC or your phone. I highly recommend having one device for the call, and your phone available so that you can use Amazing Slow Downer on it and load songs.

Buy Lessons With A Huge Reward For Long Term Students (USD Prices):
1 x 20 Minute Lesson - $20: http://paypal.me/rnbsinginglessons/20
1 x 40 Minute Lesson - $40: http://paypal.me/rnbsinginglessons/40
10 x 20min Lessons - $150: http://paypal.me/rnbsinginglessons/150

If you complete 50 x 20 minute lessons ($1000), you get 50 FOR FREE as a reward for your hard work and persistence.

If you complete 25 x 40 minute lessons ($1000), you get 25 FOR FREE as a reward for your hard work and persistence.

If you complete 7 x 10 pack lessons ($1050), you get 30 FOR FREE as a reward for your hard work and persistence.

These deals encourage you to complete 100 20 minute lessons (33.33 hours) of priceless one on one learning, which will be the biggest factor in your progress.

Book A Lesson: https://10to8.com/embed/lwhdun-free/?parentUrl=http://rnbsinginglessons.com/&site=http://rnbsinginglessons.com//&source=embedded&childId=TTE-ea5863b9-214c-4b77-bb6a-9a0ef6f1b98diframe123&initialWidth=1110&responsible-for-branding=False#/368771/first-slot/

Please purchase the Amazing Slow Downer app here
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ronimusic.asd&hl=examination
before your first lesson and watch the below playlist that I have created for you to learn how to use it (about 10-20 minutes to learn).
Learn To Use Amazing Slow Downer Playlist:

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