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Learn English Vocabulary | Common Words and Meanings | 21 Lessons

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Learn English vocabulary in this lesson that contains 21 videos teaching common English words and their meanings.

This is a compilation video, so watch the English lesson you want to see.

Please check out these videos!

0:00 English Vocabulary Introduction | English Teacher – Molly

0:54 Fun vs Funny | English Teacher – Molly

4:37 Borrow / Lend Me | English Teacher – Esther

7:50 -Stingy vs Frugal | English Teacher – Robin

11:56 Body Size Adjectives | English Teacher – Robin

17:14 Expressions Using 'Free' | English Teacher – Bill

22:47 Humid | English Teacher – Esther

26:51 Vomit / Throw Up | English Teacher – Robin

30:42 Monsoon Season | English Teacher – Esther

33:37 'Ugly' Expressions | English Teacher – Robin

41:28 Bully / Bullying | English Teacher – Robin

45:43 Tomboy | English Teacher – Molly

47:52 Lag | English Teacher – Esther

51:37 Pedestrian | English Teacher – Esther

53:34 How to Express a Phobia in English | English Teacher – Robin

58:40 Gossip and Rumors | English Teacher – Sarah

1:02:47 Relax, Unwind, Chill Out, Take It Easy | English Teacher – Molly

1:06:56 Corruption Vocabulary | English Teacher – Robin

1:16:09 Clumsy, Klutz, All Thumbs | English Teacher – Robin

1:21:00 Drinking States | English Teacher – Robin

1:25:09 Pass Out vs Black Out | English Teacher – Robin

1:27:33 Pregnancy Euphemisms | English Teacher – Sarah

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