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It's Her Birthday! | Mykonos Travel Vlog

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It's her birthday, and we're here in Mykonos. So, a bit of a Mykonos travel vlog today as we cruise around the island exploring.
Check out the birthday girl's channel here: http://www.youtube.com/alajode
Mykonos is the island I think that Jodie was most looking forward to. Not because it's beautiful, it's covered with villas, or because it has great villas. But because her birthday falls on the dates we've planned to be here. So, we rented out a pretty epic Mykonos villa, and we're going to spend her birthday on a bit of a travel vacation.
This Mykonos vlog basically comprises a day of cruising around in our Jimny, and traveling to a couple cool spots on the famous Greek Island. There is no photography today. Just a good old fashion travel vlog.

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