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Coming Soon - The Ultimate Mega Truck

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From the mind of Dennis Anderson, the wild and wooly King Sling was born. The ultimate Mega Truck, born in Poplar Branch, North Carolina has a wild side, combining the brute power and durability of a monster truck with the madness of a mud racer. King Sling is a beast, and JConcepts has worked together with designers and builders to replicate this body shell to fit on a host of popular chassis including the Axial SMT10.

Creation history –
The JConcepts team met on location to photograph, measure and sketch up the 1:1 King Sling. Experienced industry insiders sat to discuss the project and lay plans to fit and finish the popular body to several popular chassis sets on the market. Computer drawings were completed during the summer of 2017 and from there, professionals at JConcepts took the necessary hand finishing time to pin-point focus sections of the creation. Wing, scoop and final fitment were complete during the late summer and decals designs finished and put into production.

Test samples were produced and the first working prototype hit the dirt during the late stages of 2017. Professional painting, photography and press release were created to go along with the product. King Sling the video is in the pipeline, stay tuned to JConcepts Inc on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for the final cut.

Dress for success –
The final vehicle is shown using the JConcepts (#3155) Fling King tires and (#3179) Dragon wheels. The 2.6” wheel diameter and matching tire is the perfect compliment for any mud run, dirt track or grass field conditions.

Available Mid December 2017

More details available soon - JConcepts.net

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