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Classic Race Heritage Armor Hype & The Problem With BfA's Cutscenes : World Of Warcraft News

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We have 100 more Battle for Azeroth Beta keys to give away! The new expansion release date is getting closer and we're all starting to wonder about PTR and pre-patch events. We've got a new cutscene for the Burning of Teldrassil scenario, but are the new cinematics up to Blizzard's usual standard? There's changes to mount rewards, the sad fate of our artifact weapons (and the fishing artifact!), amazing new armor sets for classic races like Night Elves, Humans and Draenei... we're thinking heritage armor, are YOU thinking heritage armor? There's new Kul Tiras Druid flight forms, Katherine Proudmoore, Sylvanas, big Stromguard and Arathi changes and more in the Weekly Reset, Taliesin and Evitel's Wondrous Wisdomshow.

Knowledge is power.

Last minute Arathi footage used by kind permission of MrGM, who we should probably just adopt or something at this point:

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