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Фразы на Китайском языке в игре World of Tanks (произношение, транскрипция и перевод, часть 2)

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Ни Хао:) Продолжаем изучение языков по игре World of Tanks. Сегодня разбираем фразы на Китайском языке с Джэйсоном. Китайский язык для начинающих, нескучный Китайский язык, learn Chinese language.

Список фраз:

Enemy killed by player:
敌人完蛋了-Enemy is screwed(完蛋 is pretty informal)/ (di2 ren2 wan2 dan4 le)
敌方战车被击毁-Enemy tank has been destroyed/ (di2 fang1 zhan4 che1 bei4 ji1 hui3)
打掉了-Destroyed!(Literal translation: knocked off!)/ (da3 diao4 le)
我们把目标干掉了-We finished off the target/ (wo3 men ba3 mu4 biao1 gan4 diao4 le)
目标消失,寻找下一个目标-Target disappeared, look for the next target (probably for target under autoaim)/ (mu4 biao1 xiao1 shi1, xun2 zhao3 xia4 yi2 ge mu4 biao1)
敌人的装甲被摧毁了-Enemy armor has been destroyed/ (di2 ren2 de zhuang1 jia3 bei4 cui1 hui3 le)
敌方坦克被击毁,寻找下一个目标-Enemy tank has been destroyed, look for the next target (di2 fang1 tan3 ke4 bei4 ji1 hui3, xun2 zhao3 xia4 yi2 ge mu4 biao1)

Player set on fire:
战车起火了,快扑火 -Tank set on fire, put it out quickly/ (zhan4 che1 qi3 huo3 le, kuai4 pu1 huo3)
灭火-Put out the fire!/ (mie4 huo3)
拿灭火器-Get the fire extinguisher!/ (na3 mie4 huo3 qi4)
控制火势-Control the fire/ (kong4 zhi4 huo3 shi4)
起火了,快扑灭-A fire started, put it out quickly/ (qi3 huo3 le, kuai4 pu1 mie)
战车起火了-Tank is on fire (zhan4 che1 qi3 huo3 le)

Fire extinguished:
火灭了-Fire extinguished (he somehow sounds more aggravated about this than relieved somehow)/ (huo3 mie4 le)
我们已经把火扑灭-We have already extinguished the fire/ (wo3 men yi3 jing1 ba3 huo3 pu1 mie4)
火已经被扑灭-The fire has already been extinguished/ (huo3 yi3 jing1 bei4 pu1 mie4)
火被扑灭了-The fire has been extinguished (he sounds even more angry about this than the first fire extinguished quote) (huo3 bei4 pu1 mie4 le)

Enemy set on fire:
敌方战车起火-Enemy tank set on fire/ (di2 fang1 zhan4 che1 qi3 huo3 )
击中敌方油箱-We hit the enemy's fuel tank/ (ji1 zhong4 di2 fang1 you2 xiang1)
我们 把它 打 着了 -Our hit set them on fire (wo3 men ba3 ta1 da3 zhao2 le)
击中目标,起火-Target hit, set on fire! (ji1 zhong4 mu4 biao1, qi3 huo3)

All crew dead (I think these can play when you get knocked out):
我们 完了-We're finished/ (wo3 men wan2 le)
车组成员,已全体受伤-All crew members injured/ (che1 zu3 cheng2 yuan2, yi3 quan2 ti3 shou4 shang1)
车组成员中伤-Crew injured/ (che2 zu3 cheng2 yuan zhong4 shang1)
所有人员中伤-All crew members injured (suo3 you3 ren2 yuan2 zhong4 shang1)
撤-Retreat! (che4)

Fuel tank damaged:
油箱被击中-Fuel tank was hit (油箱被击中了 means the same thing)/ (you3 xiang1 bei4 ji1 zhong4)
我们的油箱被击中-Our fuel tank was hit/ (wo3 men1 de you2 xiang1 bei4 ji1 zhong4 )
我们的一个油箱没了,燃油不足-One of our fuel tanks is gone, not enough fuel (没了 usually means it's gone completely as in disappears, so I guess an external fuel tank got shot off?)/ (wo3 men de yi2 ge4 you2 xiang1 mei2 le, ran2 you2 bu4 zu2)
油箱被击中,我们失去一半燃油-Fuel tank has been hit, we lost half our fuel (but half of infinity is still infinity, right?) (you2 xiang1 bei4 ji1 zhong4, wo3 men shi1 qu4 yi2 ban4 ran2 you2)

Gun damaged:
主炮被击中-Main cannon is damaged (The way he says 主 almost sounds like 土, which would mean "Dirt cannon is damaged")/ (zhu3 pao4 bei4 ji1 zhong4)
主炮受损,无法瞄准-Main cannon damaged, we have no way to aim/ (zhu3 pao4 shou4 sun3, wu2 fa3 miao2 zhun3)
主炮受损,工作不正常,但还能支持-Main cannon is damaged, not working normally, but can still hold up (zhu3 pao4 shou4 sun3, gong1 zuo4 bu2 zheng4 chang2,dan4 hai2 neng2 zhi1 chi2)

Gun destroyed:
主炮击毁,无法射击-Main cannon destroyed, we have no way to fire/ (zhu3 pao4 bei4 ji1 hui3, wu2 fa3 she4 ji1)
主炮击毁-Main cannon destroyed/ (zhu3 pao4 bei4 ji1 hui3)
击毁了我们的主炮-Destroyed our main cannon (there's no mention of who destroyed it) (ji1 hui3 le wo3 men de zhu3 pao4)

Gun fixed:
主炮修复,射击精度下降-Main cannon fixed, firing accuracy decreased/ (zhu3 pao4 xiu1 fu4, she4 ji1 jing1 du4 xia4 jiang4)
火炮修复,但无法精确瞄准--Cannon fixed, but we have no way to aim accurately/ (huo3 pao4 xiu1 fu4, dan4 wu2 fa3 jing1 que4 miao2 zhun3)
主炮被修复了,但是精度还是很低-Main cannon has been fixed, but the accuracy is still very low/ (zhu4 pao4 bei4 xiu1 fu4 le, dan4 shi4 jing1 du4 hai2 shi4 hen3 di1)
主炮可以工作,但效果不佳-Main cannon can work, but results aren't optimal (the accent is terrible on this one. "效" is pronounced with no inflection instead of downward and "佳" is pronounced with downward inflection instead of none. Weird since the accent on everything else is pretty much native speaker) (zhu3 pao3 ke3 yi3 gong1 zuo4, dan4 xiao4 guo3 bu4 jia1)

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