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The Legend of Zelda - NES Dungeon Theme - Piano Lesson & Cover

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The Legend of Zelda is a classic game in so many ways. It spawned an unbelievable franchise that consists of so many main story games and spinoffs.

The game that started it all (and is almost last in the timeline oddly enough) is The Legend of Zelda. Koji Kondo is the primary composer for the franchise and also composed this song as well as the rest of the OST.

This game occupied my brother & I's NES for quite some time. There was even a point when my brother didn't trust me to properly hold in the reset button when I turned off the power!

This song is heard frequently in the game and is catchy, ominous, and appropriate for the exploration theme of the game.

Now you can learn how to play this song on piano! Watch this video tutorial and add this game to your repertoire.

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