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Tennis Volley Challenge - Improve Your Reflexes At Net

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Tennis Volley Challenge - Improve Your Reflexes At Net.
In this drill challenge Simon and Alex of Top Tennis Training will face off against each other in a tennis volley point play based game.
Both players start at the service line and one player feeds the ball in, the feed cannot be a lob or too hard (hit hard at the feet for example). The point then starts, if the player misses the feed they lose the point Likewise if the receiver misses the first volley, they also lose the point. You can hit anywhere in the singles half court area (tramlines are out) and can hit as hard as you want.
This is a great game for reflex volleys and getting the ball low into your opponents feet. It's also great for developing shorter swings on your volleys as you have very little time to take the racket back.

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