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Pokémon Compilation: All Giovanni Battles【RBY - USUM】[HQ]

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My last video for 2017 I wish you all an happy new year! Unfortunatly I can't respond because I'm with my family, I will respond later
QOTD►What is your favorite Pokemon Ground type until now?
Leave your comments below!
Pokémon All Generation: Giovanni Battles (Highest Quality) [2017]
Hi! First I wish you all a good day, I will be more available now!
Since now I finished all the game I planned to post a lot of videos compilations since I started this in 2014.
If you need more information, go here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWO2dOurl24
Let me explain, like I said a lot of time I always like to do something new and mixed things. This is what I do right now.
For example:
– In 2010~2012 I was working on Pokemon Music in HGSS and then BW style.
– In 2013 I was working on my project Pokemon Blaze Red (even if it’s not finished, I’m still working on it. And a demo already come out)
– In 2014 I was doing Pokemon remix but this time in a different kind of remix like Guitar, Orchestral, Piano, techno, etc, etc…)
– In 2015 I was Editing Pokemon Game to make them look more epic by remixing and by challenging old trainer from different Generation. And also challenging you.
– In 2016 I was doing the same thing but this time but I improved a lot in term of the quality of the video.
- In year 2017 It was an amazing year like the Custom battle with Sun and Moon with anime and stuff! I wasn't expected that so many people are interested by that..
- Now the next year (2018) will be more focused on Pokemon Compilation (like I said in january 2017 on my update Pokeli video) : I planned to do all the original battle with Trainer Gym leader, Champion, Town, City, Pokemon Move, Pokemon legendary moves, etc, etc…
(from RBG until USUM)
My second channel will also do this kind of things in 2018 but with only one difference: It’s The music.
They will be footage of battle on each generation on my second channel but I will be more focused on the music. I know I did not explain correctly but you will see the difference I mean tomorrow maybe.
- 2019, 2020 and the future I also planned a lot of stuff since I've play all the game, compilation come first, then I planned a lot of amazing stuff with all these game!
I hope you will apreciate, I have a lot of Idea coming to my mind but you know… Everything in its own time!
Have great day!

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