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Performance Enhancement & Recovery Episode 1: The Lower Back Pain

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Master Trainer: Jeremy Ng [the founder of PFC and the master trainer from Sanctband Active]
Official Partner: PFC Studio

Episode 1:
Video Highlights: Common postural problems that many people face - the lower back pain

Most of the time, this lower back pain could be caused by the sedentary lifestyle, long hours of sitting and even with the wrong footwear. Under this situation, there are many muscles are compensated (shorten or lengthen) In this case, the muscles that shortening are hip flexor complex, psoas and erector spinae. And the muscles that being lengthen are gluteus maximus, hamstrings and transverse abdominal.

Here are the 4 simple steps to release those tight muscles that are causing discomfort or pain.
No.1: Use the sanctband active roller or massage ball to inhibit the overactive muscles.
No.2: Apply banded stretching technique to lengthen these muscle to create autogenic inhibition.
No.3: Activating the under-active muscles
No.4: Re-teach the body through the use of integrated dynamic movement.

Foam Roll - TFL
Begin in the side plank position, place the roller on the TFL (the lateral side of the hip joint) find a tender spot and stay there for 30 sec

Foam Roll - upper back
Begin by lying your upper back on the roller with your hands supporting the head. lift up the butt and start moving the body up and down on the roller for 30 sec.

Foam Roll - Latissimus Dorsi
Begin in a side lying position, place the roller on your lats (at the chest level) and rest your body on the roller and roll the body forward and backward.

Massage ball - Upper back
Place the ball on the upper trap area, lie your body down with your arm in bend position with your palm facing up. This is your starting position. If you want to challenge yourself, lift up your butt to increase the pressure. Once the position is set, move your elbows to the centre of your body. Return to starting position.

Massage ball - Lower back
Place the ball 2 fingers away from your belly button, lie down on the ball and rest on it. Open up opposite hip to increase the pressure.

Banded Stretching Technique
Half Kneeling Stretch With the band tied on a stable rack or pillar, loop the band around your leg and place it on your butt fold. Get into a half kneeling position and keep the tension on the band. Tuck in the tailbone to increase the stretch on your hip flexor. Then, start raising the arm on the same side of the kneeling knee - this will help to increase the stretch.

Upper back and lat stretch
Get into a tall kneeling position. With the band tied on a stable rack or pillar, loop the band over your wrist. begin the movement by sitting on your heels and allow the band to assist you in stretching your upper back and lat.

Straight leg lowering
Lie on your back and loop the super loop onto one foot. Extend both legs towards the ceiling and lower the non-banded leg down without touching the floor.

Bird Dog
Begin in a quadruped position with the band looped on one foot and the opposing arm. Extend the looped leg, followed by the looped arm while maintaining the quadruped position.

Upper body - straight arm pull down
Loop the midpoint of the band on a stable rack or pillar. Get into a half kneeling position and hold each end of the resistive band with your palms facing out. start by fully extending your arm and pull the band towards the side of the body. Make sure you externally rotate the shoulder while you are pulling the band.

Lower body - Glute activation
Begin in a half squat position with the mini loop above the knees. keep your knees hip width apart while maintaining an upright position. Start with one side of the leg by internally and externally rotating the hip while keeping the body still. Repeat on the other side. Once complete, move both knees together.

Lower body - Mini Loop Lateral walk
Begin in a half squat position with the mini loop above the knees. keep your Knees hip width apart while maintaining an upright position and keep the tension on the loop. Travel to the left by stepping your left foot out followed by the right foot while maintaining the hip width. Return to starting point.

Thank you for watching.

For more Performance Enhancement & Recovery as well as products information, please visit Sanctband Global Facebook Page or www.sanctband-active.com

Note: Next Episode will be uploaded on 1st February 2018.

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