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Meet the Cast: Sara Marchand, 85

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Meet 85 year old Sara Marchand. Her soft-spoken wit is the perfect compliment to her southern charm and she's delighted to share her thoughts with younger women. Like she says "New Orleans is the home to a whole lot of good things" including Mrs. Marchand. Check her out during this season 'The Young Woman's Guide'.

The first season features Gwendolyn Mukes (74), Linda Walton (Age Undisclosed), Jewel Roberts (91), Sara Marchand (85), Alberta Gross (87) and Ruby Lee Jones (99).

Season 1 will capture our casts' feelings on such topics as womanhood, perseverance and the lessons they believe are truly important in life through six episodes including “A Woman's Place,” “Self-care,” “Your 20s,” “Should I get a man,” “Not Giving Up” and “Body Image”. Please follow us @theyoungwomansguide

Created/Directed By: Nicole Collins (@J_NicoleCollins)
Director of Photography: Nicole Collins
Assistant Director of Photography: Stephawn Spears
Sound Mixer: Johnnie 'Docta J' Harris
Original Song "Happy Place" Produced by: Johnnie 'Docta J' Harris

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