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How to Properly Care for Your Firebird (or any other Guitar) | NEW TREMOLO | tomsrockinguitar.com

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Tom shows you the process of caring for and maintaining your Gibson Firebird - or your other beloved guitar - using the Gibson Vintage Reissue Guitar care kit. Also covered in here are restringing tips, commentary from Tom, and even playing.

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In the search for the ultimate guitar tone, Tom created his page, Tom's Rockin' Guitar (www.tomsrockinguitar.com) to help other guitar players on their musical journey of finding their own unique sound--the sound you've always dreamed of.

On this page, Tom offers Lynyrd Skynyrd tutorials as well as tone tips to get you started. For guitarists of all skill levels--from complete beginner to rock god--Tom offers online one-on-one guitar lessons for individuals looking to improve and learn faster. If you are interested in scheduling a lesson please visit my website.

Tom's mission is simple, "Tone Redefined, Ignite Your Passion". Short and sweet. He wants you to make the most out of your guitar abilities and help you to master and craft the sound you are looking for. Rock on and long live Lynyrd Skynyrd!

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