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English Lesson 12 - REVIEW. Alphabet, action verbs, animals, food.

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This is the final lesson from the first book “Gogo Loves English”. Watch the revision cartoon and repeat lessons 9 10 and 11.
Native learning English cartoon, textbook exercises with animations, great songs and chants with Erick and Nikki. Just watch the full lesson, do all activities and you will be able to speak English. This lesson includes:
1. Gogo cartoon.
2. Student book, Unit 12.
3. Workbook, Unit 12.
4. Alphabet song with animation.
5. Cartoons with action verbs, animals and food vocabulary.
6. Extra exercises from Student book.

Here you can find additional material with coloring pages.

Send Gogo your coloring pages DEF, and we will make a video out of it! Mail your work here: gogo@eliclass.com
We recommend to watch one lesson per week and to repeat new phrases and words using this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgLwYGT0edBRW3eOLMj2kjgRX0vlQYika

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