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Codee Covers - O, Kom Er Eens Kijken

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We manage our own websites and upload mostly keyboard covers, Codee's blind life and, NativeNatures Photography and Filming. On this channel you will also find a Learing to be blind series, random vlogs, Dutch Lessons and tech reviews.

Feel free to interact by leaving comments, if there's something you want to know just ask us and if you have a suggestion for a cover just shout it out.

JustConnectteam Links :
Codee - https://www.justconnect.eu/codee
Jessica - http://www.justconnect.eu/NativeNatures
CRSLife on FaceBook - http://bit.ly/crslife

Music under our videos can be from :

Codee Covers - www.youtube/justconnectteam
Music from iMovie and MovieMaker.

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