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About The Complete Guide To Product Photography

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The Complete Guide To Product Photography

Learn the techniques that open doors to a successful career as a commercial product photographer.


40+ hours of on-demand video
Personalized feedback - your work reviewed by our instructors
Weekly video sessions with your instructors
Certificate and listing in the Photigy Marketplace

This program is perfect for:

✔ Wedding and/or portrait photographers
Need an additional revenue source for your off seasons? Product photography can be the perfect compliment to your business, and many of the skills, techniques, and tools are applicable to both types of photography.

✔ Product Photographers
Are you looking for new clientele among larger ad agencies and brands? We can show you techniques to bring your work to the next level, and we can provide processes which will save you time and give you the bandwidth to do a larger volume of work.

✔ Retail Business Owners
Do you need better images of your products to increase your sales? We can show you how to set up a mini-studio on-site at your location and learn photography well enough to take professional, beautiful images of your products that will entice your customers.

✔ Amateur photographers
Want to round out your photography skills and be a better all-around photographer? Product photography is not only interesting and fun, but will give you the opportunity to dive into areas you may not have explored, such as specialized lighting techniques, special effects, and more!

What skills will you get?

Lighting: you will know how to use professional lighting in a studio. You will know how to set up a studio for different types of products and compositions.

Image quality: you will be able to create stunning images which will be marketable to any client, from local restaurants to the largest agencies and brands..

Special effects: you will know the secret to creating mind-blowing splashes and other special effects that can be used for creating well-paid projects, or just for fun!

Gear: you will have comprehensive knowledge commercial photography gear, including cameras and lenses, lighting, filters, and more..

Making money: you will know the ins and outs of setting up a product photography business and how product photography can generate passive income

Here is the link to a program: https://www.photigy.com/complete-product-photography-course/


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